Humor Items Filename Originate
I don't talk of white baby, you don't talk of black goat mission.jpg
BBC Cops Undies BBC_Cops_Undies.wmv GAGS
Mayday mayday berlitz_junior.mpg Berliz
Birdflu birdflu.gif
Buttrocket Buttrocket.wmv
camel camel 1.pps Waiting response
Portable car Car.wmv
Catholic Math.htm Catholic Math.htm
Life is short champagne.mpg
Chinese_American.pps Chinese_American.pps Waiting response
Communication_joke.htm Communication_joke.htm
CorporateCulture.pps CorporateCulture.pps Waiting response
Feriedager.pps Feriedager.pps
fittnisse.jpg fittnisse.jpg
Grafiske designere.pps Grafiske designere.pps
happyinthemood_1.pps happyinthemood_1.pps Wingo Star&features
History Lesson.pps History Lesson.pps
JokeOnBeach.wmv JokeOnBeach.wmv Waiting response
LauraEngelsallgrownup.wmv LauraEngelsallgrownup.wmv
It's also approved in animal land LionessMarriage.jpg
LocalScientist.htm LocalScientist.htm
ManAndWomanQuestion123.pps ManAndWomanQuestion123.pps Wallia and
Mars.mpeg Mars.mpeg Photo Rec 2
Men.pps Men.pps Wallis
MobilPhone.wvx MobilPhone.wvx JENSEN1
MyLove.pps MyLove.pps Waiting response
NEW WORDS FOR 2006.htm NEW WORDS FOR 2006.htm
ohfishy.wmv ohfishy.wmv
picIdiot.jpg picIdiot.jpg
Smile.pps Smile.pps Clora Cheng, Disney
SMSdialog.pps SMSdialog.pps Waiting response
St.Marteen1.pps St.Marteen1.pps Pascuzi
TheDarwinAwards.htm TheDarwinAwards.htm
Three dogs killed a crocodile.doc Three dogs killed a crocodile.doc
TimeMachineEbay.pdf TimeMachineEbay.pdf Trade Me
Treasure_Baby.jpg Treasure_Baby.jpg
Treasure_Baby_Result.jpg Treasure_Baby_Result.jpg
umbro.mpg umbro.mpg UMBRO
WinterWonderland.pps WinterWonderland.pps Waiting response
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